Apparel Production Data which is a tool to help to factory production to increase their productivity and efficiency sepcially in this very challlegning market. All production operators can follow the SAM / SMV to accomplished their job task. Operation database will indicate all the step by step how to complete a garment.
APD allows user to customize the ADD parameter such as machinery allowance, Fabric type, Stitch per centimeter etc. APD not only consider for hardware also include ILO allowance like personal fatigue, environment rating, contingency allowance etc.

Module Feature

  • SAM and SMV can helping factory to increase productivity and to eliminate unnecessary process.
  • To Increase workers efficiency.
  • To Improve Factory efficiency and also categories of product line.
  • To reduce production cost.
  • To preventive any losses of happens during production activities.

Other Features

  • Structure by web-based
  • Generate two types of reports to Portable Document Format, Excel (.xlsx)
  • All export document processing is required only two tools browser and third party reader (like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Excel).


  • Users can be defined with access to only certain options using a role based model. Functions which they do not have access to will not be shown.
  • User permission can be authorized to control and limited to some of the categorized and others locations.
  • Main menu is present by the user permission authority, it make some of the options will not provide to the main screen to allow user to access it.

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